Music as it is Characterized

There have been lots of varied definitions of music, depending on the writer's idea of, or gratitude for, music. One guy's music is another man's noise. And he specifies appropriately. One state’s Nevin is music and Bach are sound. One states Mozart to be noise and Stravinsky, music. Another reverses the meaning. Even the dictionary tells us that "music is the art of integrating tones to please the ear.”

Whose ear-- yours or my own?

A French writer, Jules Combarieu, is more basic, and states it to be "the art of thought in tone." In other words, it is an art, not a natural occurrence; it deals with media agencies montreal, and it presupposes thought; that is, informed psychological action and discrimination. "Thought, using tone as its medium, creating an artwork.”


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Inspiring Music: What Inspires Us, Exactly how and Why?

Some state that it's the musician and author who are influenced, others state its music that motivates. No need to discuss. To me, it's comparable to sharing the air we breathe. Isn't that the meaning of the word "inspire"? The composer/musician inhales the motivation of whatever muse emerges. Exhales the most remarkably inspirational music that touches everyone who listens as they, in turn, are in-spared.

What music is inspiring? We believe first from what we call "spiritual" music. This can be gospel music, thesong of praises, Christmas carols or other music with religious associations. It can be traditional tunes with uplifting lyrics just like "Amazing Grace".

Really, isn't music medicinal, each to his own medicine? For some, it's hip hop or rap. For others, it's ethnic music, Irish, Greek, Punjab, or reggae. Still, others are most inspired by country, bluegrass, or folk. Maybe its motion picture or TELEVISION soundtracks and styles, or classical, AvantGarde, or techno.


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